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02 Mar

Make These 5 Changes to Increase Plant Efficiency

Posted by Mark Adair |
Mar 02, 2016

Tags: Process Industry, In The News, Articles

Chemical makers are always looking for affordable ways to increase the sustainability of their operations. Fortunately, there are a number of inexpensive steps you can take to improve the triple bottom line of people, plant, and profit.

19 Nov

The Value of a Thin Slice vs Big Bang MES Implementation

Posted by Brian Briggs |
Nov 19, 2015

Tags: Process Industry, Articles, General, Support

As seen in Automation World, in today’s world there are many variables that can drive an organization to investigate the viability of implementing a manufacturing execution system or MES.  One of the more important things that can be overlooked or discounted in the larger effort to evaluate and plan is the value of a true pilot or proof of concept strategy.

16 Oct

Why a Parts Survey is Vital Before the Execution of a Systems Migration Plan

Posted by Mark Adair |
Oct 16, 2015

Tags: In The News, Articles

For obvious reasons, system migrations vary in size, complexity, and vendor but without fail, those implementing this taxing process, despite the variety, share a common theme: they must get the plant back to producing as quickly as possible. 

21 Jul

Improved Cascade Solutions

Posted by Avid Solutions |
Jul 21, 2014

Tags: Power Generation Industry, In The News, Security, Articles, Virtualization, Archestranaut

Previously, we looked at the use of simple cascade control for heat exchangers as one method to improve efficiency by reducing process deviations. In this article, we will first provide a potentially more efficient solution to the simplified cascade

07 Jul

Virtualization - Safe and Effective

Posted by James Cage |
Jul 07, 2014

Tags: Power Generation Industry, In The News, Security, Articles, Virtualization, Archestranaut

If you haven't already installed a virtual process control system, the chances are that you will soon. Virtualization, particularly platform virtualization, has swept through process control at a speed that would have been difficult to believe a few years ago. But are these systems as safe and effective as they could be?

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