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22 Nov

The Goal of Avid Solutions is to Create a Perfect Candidate Experience

Posted by Vinaya Pai |
Nov 22, 2016

Tags: General, Our Company, Culture

During my more than five years at Avid Solutions, it has been both challenging and rewarding to be aligned with a company that consistently moves our candidate experience in the right direction. Our HR department works very hard to ensure that all of our candidates and employees have a special experience at Avid Solutions.

09 Nov

Avid Solutions Named One of the Triad's 50 Fastest-Growing Companies

Posted by Anne Wear |
Nov 09, 2016

Tags: General, Our Company, Culture

The Triad Business Journal recently named Avid Solutions one of the 50 fastest-growing private companies in the area. The Triad Business Journal ranks each of the nominated companies based both YOY dollar growth and percentage growth. To be considered, companies must have completed three full fiscal years and had $2 million or more in revenues in 2015, and their US headquarters must be located...

26 Oct

Automating Industrial Automation:The Benefit of Relational Data Models (Or Discovering Microsoft Access)

Posted by Andrew Jones |
Oct 26, 2016

Tags: General, Support, Automation Solutions

The goals of both automation solutions providers and their customers include working on higher quality projects on a faster schedule with increased value. The key to developing a superior project is automating automation. A variety of tools, programs, and macros are available to reduce the algorithmic piece of a project. This frees up the engineers to spend less time copying templates for...

13 Oct

Becoming a Thought Leader in Industrial Automation (Or a Related Field)

Posted by Leigh Hamm |
Oct 13, 2016

Tags: General, Culture

Thought leadership is a term that is used widely but it varies in definition, which often makes it difficult to navigate a clear path to thought leader status. It can be challenging to pinpoint what a thought leader truly is and how one goes about achieving that title or career status.

22 Jul

How an MES Helps You Optimize Production Planning

Posted by Brian Briggs |
Jul 22, 2016

Tags: General

Many companies continue to have limited visibility into the operational details at different plants at different times, severely limiting their ability to maximize plant output. A Manufacturing Execution System (MES) can alleviate this pain point by helping you streamline many aspects of production planning. As an example, consider a company that uses a centralized enterprise resource planning...

05 May

Getting Back to the Fundamentals of Process Control

Posted by David Earl |
May 05, 2016

Tags: Process Industry, General

In the integration and automation systems field, there are a plethora of platforms and tools available to provide a great integrated control solution. However, it is important not to forget the fundamental principles that are important in designing a stable industrial process. Those fancy displays and great access to data don’t seem so impressive if the underlying process isn’t behaving well.

17 Mar

The Benefits of Connecting Control Systems to Enterprise Systems

Posted by Andy Robinson |
Mar 17, 2016

Tags: SQL, General, System Platform

Shop floor to top floor system connections are slowly becoming more common. The idea of connecting control systems to enterprise systems has around for a while, but mostly has been limited to specific occasions.

09 Mar

How to Write a Successful Automation Systems Upgrade Proposal

Posted by Eric Mayer |
Mar 09, 2016

Tags: Process Industry, Performance, General, Support, Our Company

Many facilities run on antiquated and inefficient control systems. This means that maintenance teams often struggle to support the plant’s outdated hardware and software, and corporate engineers have trouble accommodating the disparate legacy systems in use at different sites. 

18 Jan

MES Can Be a Powerful Motivation and Empowerment Tool

Posted by Brian Briggs |
Jan 18, 2016

Tags: Process Industry, Performance, General, Support, Our Company, Culture

One of the often overlooked, but frequently a very important and powerful aspect of a Manufacturing Execution System (MES), is its use as a motivational tool.

07 Dec

How to Work with an Integrator During the Bid Process

Posted by Andy Robinson |
Dec 07, 2015

Tags: In The News, Performance, General, Our Company, Culture

As seen in Automation World, relationships work best when both parties operate from a common understanding and shared goals. When this occurs between a client and integrator, it usually involves execution of a successful project that is on time and budget.  But, this can be a challenge for a

critical data in a cloud-based data center

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