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20 Jul

DCS Migration Benefits and Optimization Considerations

Posted by Kevin Trantham |
Jul 20, 2017

Tags: Automation Solutions, Industrial Automation, DCS Migrations

Distributed Control System (DCS) migrations, even if the desire is to limit replacement to ONLY duplicating current functionality, offer the following benefits when properly implemented:

15 Jun

Return to Process Control Fundamentals–Applications of Override Control

Posted by David Earl |
Jun 15, 2017

Tags: Process Industry, Industrial Automation

Override Control is a control architecture that allows a process to run within a natural process or safety limit, without interlocking or shutting down the process.  

12 Apr

It is Past Time to Migrate from Allen Bradley PLC-5 to ControlLogix

Posted by Charles Duncan |
Apr 12, 2017

Tags: System Platform, Industrial Automation

We have known for several years that as of June 2017, the PLC-5 Control System will be discontinued by Rockwell Automation and no longer be available. Rockwell is encouraging customers to migrate from the PLC-5 Control System to the ControlLogix Control System. If not, companies may be reduced to looking for spare parts on eBay.

15 Mar

How System Integrators Can Help Purchasing Reach Their Goals

Posted by Ken Benedict |
Mar 15, 2017

Tags: Automation Solutions, Industrial Automation

As a project manager for a system integration company, I am constantly quoting projects with customers.  An example of a typical scenario for a large project would be receiving a bid package, having a walk down meeting, asking questions and then working on the proposal.  The proposal is then submitted and I anxiously await the call to find out if we are in the running for the final decision....

13 Jan

The Importance of Leadership in Industrial Automation 

Posted by Gibran Aguilar |
Jan 13, 2017

Tags: Automation Solutions, Leadership, Industrial Automation

Whether you are new to the world of industrial automation or you have been in this field for a while - there are some challenges that are encountered every time a new automation project is begun.

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