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11 May

AI & Manufacturing–Part 2:Three Ways to Use AI in Manufacturing Automation

Posted by Jeff Miller |
May 11, 2017

Tags: Information Solutions, Artificial Intelligence

In AI and Manufacturing – Part I, we discussed what artificial intelligence is, and how has it has evolved to affect manufacturing. Today, we’re going to share three key ways to implement AI in plant floor manufacturing.

20 Mar

Why Critical Industrial Data is More Secure in the Cloud 

Posted by Jeff Miller |
Mar 20, 2017

Tags: Information Solutions, data applications, White Paper

General feedback from some of the largest companies in the world indicate that they do not feel comfortable storing intellectual property or sensitive industrial data in a public cloud facility. Largely, this is due to fear of this information falling into the hands of competitors.

05 Oct

Wonderware InTouch Omni Preview

Posted by Jeff Miller |
Oct 05, 2016

Tags: Wonderware, Information Solutions, Internet of Things

Wonderware invited Avid Solutions to preview the new Wonderware InTouch Omni (think of it as System Platform 2017) release before the official unveiling at the Orlando Wonderware Users Group conference. They provided us with a running alpha system. This gave us a jump start for how we will be able to incorporate all of the new features into our customer’s projects.  InTouch Omni is touted as...

09 Sep

We Are Ready for the Industrial IoT

Posted by Jeff Miller |
Sep 09, 2016

Tags: Automation Solutions, Information Solutions, Internet of Things

As seen in Automation World, we would like to respond to the allegations of unpreparedness in the article - The IIoT Integrators Are Coming.

critical data in a cloud-based data center

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