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21 Feb

Troubleshooting Lessons from a Factory Acceptance Test

Posted by Steven Hazelton |
Feb 21, 2017

Tags: Performance, Quality Testing

We have all had that wonderful experience of getting to the end of a project, and stepping back to admire the glory after months of hard work.  After all the hours of programming, testing the programming, getting new information from the customer so that it’s necessary to go back and change the programming – the end is in sight.  At this point, for most projects, there still remains the...

13 May

Adding Automatic Scanners to Production Line Increases Efficiency

Posted by Charles Duncan |
May 13, 2016

Tags: Process Industry, Performance, Our Company

Operators for a manufacturing company were using handheld scanners to scan the supply reel, ink and product reel. The operators were walking from the computer station to the production machine to enter the orders and back again in order to complete the orders. It was not unusual for the handheld scanner to run low on battery power or have trouble communicating to the Manufacturing Execution...

09 Mar

How to Write a Successful Automation Systems Upgrade Proposal

Posted by Eric Mayer |
Mar 09, 2016

Tags: Process Industry, Performance, General, Support, Our Company

Many facilities run on antiquated and inefficient control systems. This means that maintenance teams often struggle to support the plant’s outdated hardware and software, and corporate engineers have trouble accommodating the disparate legacy systems in use at different sites. 

18 Jan

MES Can Be a Powerful Motivation and Empowerment Tool

Posted by Brian Briggs |
Jan 18, 2016

Tags: Process Industry, Performance, General, Support, Our Company, Culture

One of the often overlooked, but frequently a very important and powerful aspect of a Manufacturing Execution System (MES), is its use as a motivational tool.

07 Dec

How to Work with an Integrator During the Bid Process

Posted by Andy Robinson |
Dec 07, 2015

Tags: In The News, Performance, General, Our Company, Culture

As seen in Automation World, relationships work best when both parties operate from a common understanding and shared goals. When this occurs between a client and integrator, it usually involves execution of a successful project that is on time and budget.  But, this can be a challenge for a

31 Mar

Legacy Controls in Modern Manufacturing

Posted by Avid Solutions |
Mar 31, 2014

Tags: Performance

Many people have heard of Gordon Moore's Law, where the number of transistors on integrated circuits doubles about every two years.

30 Mar

Not All Systems Are Created Equal

Posted by Avid Solutions |
Mar 30, 2014

Tags: Performance

In a traditional life sciences facility, anything that touches or even comes close to touching the product typically gets the full validation workup.

10 Mar

Change Is Not Always Good

Posted by Avid Solutions |
Mar 10, 2014

Tags: Performance

Through years of experience with power and chemical plant shutdowns, Avid experts understand that the process of successfully returning a plant to operation requires a well-executed plan, as well as the ability to respond to the unexpected.

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