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15 Jun

Return to Process Control Fundamentals–Applications of Override Control

Posted by David Earl |
Jun 15, 2017

Tags: Process Industry, Industrial Automation

Override Control is a control architecture that allows a process to run within a natural process or safety limit, without interlocking or shutting down the process.  

06 Feb

Applying the Jidoka Principle to a UV Coating Manufacturing Process

Posted by Ken White |
Feb 06, 2017

Tags: Process Industry, MES, Automation Solutions, manufacturing

In his book, “The Toyota Way: 14 Management Principles from the World's Greatest Manufacturer”, Jeffrey Liker states that Alex Warren, former SVP of Manufacturing for Toyota, defines the Jidoka Principle as:

16 Dec

A Backup Plan for a Batch-Ready System

Posted by Chris Darwin |
Dec 16, 2016

Tags: Process Industry, Chemical Industry

The process of replacing an existing batch system and providing for more transparency involves developing a system capable of full batch processsing but also of running phases manually if the full system becomes unavailable. 

22 Sep

STEM – A Glimpse into the World of Industrial Process Control

Posted by Kathryn Fisher |
Sep 22, 2016

Tags: Process Industry, Culture

The engineers at Avid Solutions enjoy sharing their love for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) subjects. The awareness of the importance of STEM education has been growing for the past half century. School-aged children are exposed to science and math regularly. However, the distinctions between what it takes to be a scientist, a mathematician or an engineer are often...

13 May

Adding Automatic Scanners to Production Line Increases Efficiency

Posted by Charles Duncan |
May 13, 2016

Tags: Process Industry, Performance, Our Company

Operators for a manufacturing company were using handheld scanners to scan the supply reel, ink and product reel. The operators were walking from the computer station to the production machine to enter the orders and back again in order to complete the orders. It was not unusual for the handheld scanner to run low on battery power or have trouble communicating to the Manufacturing Execution...

05 May

Getting Back to the Fundamentals of Process Control

Posted by David Earl |
May 05, 2016

Tags: Process Industry, General

In the integration and automation systems field, there are a plethora of platforms and tools available to provide a great integrated control solution. However, it is important not to forget the fundamental principles that are important in designing a stable industrial process. Those fancy displays and great access to data don’t seem so impressive if the underlying process isn’t behaving well.

31 Mar

4 Ways an Automation Systems Upgrade Can Save You Money- Evaluate These 4 Variables to Quantify Cost Savings of New Automation Systems

Posted by Eric Mayer |
Mar 31, 2016

Tags: Process Industry, Support

Companies once approved new plant automation systems simply to maintain up-to-date computer and instrumentation systems. But with today’s tight budgets, you now need to define a clear return on investment to win approval for your automation or information solutions upgrade.

09 Mar

How to Write a Successful Automation Systems Upgrade Proposal

Posted by Eric Mayer |
Mar 09, 2016

Tags: Process Industry, Performance, General, Support, Our Company

Many facilities run on antiquated and inefficient control systems. This means that maintenance teams often struggle to support the plant’s outdated hardware and software, and corporate engineers have trouble accommodating the disparate legacy systems in use at different sites. 

02 Mar

Make These 5 Changes to Increase Plant Efficiency

Posted by Mark Adair |
Mar 02, 2016

Tags: Process Industry, In The News, Articles

Chemical makers are always looking for affordable ways to increase the sustainability of their operations. Fortunately, there are a number of inexpensive steps you can take to improve the triple bottom line of people, plant, and profit.

18 Jan

MES Can Be a Powerful Motivation and Empowerment Tool

Posted by Brian Briggs |
Jan 18, 2016

Tags: Process Industry, Performance, General, Support, Our Company, Culture

One of the often overlooked, but frequently a very important and powerful aspect of a Manufacturing Execution System (MES), is its use as a motivational tool.

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