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21 Feb

Troubleshooting Lessons from a Factory Acceptance Test

Posted by Steven Hazelton |
Feb 21, 2017

Tags: Performance, Quality Testing

We have all had that wonderful experience of getting to the end of a project, and stepping back to admire the glory after months of hard work.  After all the hours of programming, testing the programming, getting new information from the customer so that it’s necessary to go back and change the programming – the end is in sight.  At this point, for most projects, there still remains the...

07 Jul

Not Having a Quality Testing Plan is Risky Business

Posted by Andrew York |
Jul 07, 2016

Tags: Quality Testing

Quality is a critical component of any project. Automation integration projects are no exception. We have all heard about those projects that deliver less than the expected results.  What was designed on the front end was not necessarily what was delivered on the back end. Obviously, the goal is to go into the commissioning stages of a project with a high level of confidence that everything...

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