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03 Nov

Avid Solutions Hosts Successful Oktoberfest

Posted by Scott Childress |
Nov 03, 2015

Tags: In The News, Security, Our Company

More than 70 people from tech and manufacturing companies in the Southeast attended our second-annual Oktoberfest at the Avid Solutions’ office in Peachtree City, outside of Atlanta, earlier this month. The event featured both education and entertainment.

21 Jan

Justifying Cyber Security

Posted by James Cage |
Jan 21, 2015

Tags: Process Industry, Power Generation Industry, Life Sciences Industry, In The News, Security, Archestranaut

“SIs are responsible for system designs, and like it or not, security is a part of every system.” – Jeff Shearer, Principal Security Architect for Rockwell Automation.

For the last several months, I’ve had the privilege of working with Jeff Shearer, one of a handful of genuine security experts with deep knowledge of industrial control systems.

09 Sep

Avid in the News

Posted by Avid Solutions |
Sep 09, 2014

Tags: Process Industry, Power Generation Industry, In The News, Security, Virtualization, Archestranaut

Automation World Magazine has selected a column by Avid engineer James Cage for their print edition. The column (3 Tips for Safe and Effective Virtualization) was originally published online as a guest blog on the Automation World web site.

21 Jul

Improved Cascade Solutions

Posted by Avid Solutions |
Jul 21, 2014

Tags: Power Generation Industry, In The News, Security, Articles, Virtualization, Archestranaut

Previously, we looked at the use of simple cascade control for heat exchangers as one method to improve efficiency by reducing process deviations. In this article, we will first provide a potentially more efficient solution to the simplified cascade

07 Jul

Virtualization - Safe and Effective

Posted by James Cage |
Jul 07, 2014

Tags: Power Generation Industry, In The News, Security, Articles, Virtualization, Archestranaut

If you haven't already installed a virtual process control system, the chances are that you will soon. Virtualization, particularly platform virtualization, has swept through process control at a speed that would have been difficult to believe a few years ago. But are these systems as safe and effective as they could be?

03 Mar

Maximized Security

Posted by Avid Solutions |
Mar 03, 2014

Tags: Security

Thanks to high-profile cases like Stuxnet, Flame, Disttrack (aka Shamoon), and Batchwiper, security has become an increasingly hot topic within all industries. In addition to direct system attacks, various organizations are attempting computer attacks via memory stick hacks and massive DDoS attacks causing communication shutdowns.

critical data in a cloud-based data center

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