Join leaders from MESA International, Bennit.AI, and Avid Solutions for a discussion about how the latest developments in artificial intelligence (AI) are changing the way we manufacture products and paving the way for factories of the future. In this panel-style Webinar, the team discussion focuses on machine learning, deep learning, neural networks, chatbots, and natural language processing and explores practical uses, real-world challenges, and creative solutions for incorporating these technologies into your manufacturing floor. Download the webinar now to learn about the productivity gains many companies are already seeing and how your operations can benefit from these new areas of research and development.


Mike Yost MESA.jpg

Mike Yost 


Manufacturing Enterprise Solutions Association (MESA) International

Jacques Ludik.jpg

          Jacques Ludik 

            Smart Technology           Entrepreneur

      Founder & CTO of Bennit.AI


Andy Robinson

             Senior Technologist              Smart Manufacturing

        Avid Solutions Inc.  


Moderator: Jeff Miller, Chief Technologist Smart Manufacturing at Avid Solutions Inc.