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We are committed to providing unique answers with the client's life-cycle costs in mind. By listening to the needs of our clients, we provide independent and unbiased answers and recommend best-in-class technology solutions that meet and often exceed expectations. 



Food & Beverage

Avid Solutions helps food and beverage manufacturers to operate with the flexibility, quality assurance, and cost-effectiveness needed to stay ahead of the competition. We make sure your information systems are integrated with the shop floor, and that recipe, order, quality, inventory, and scheduling information is accurate, timely and immediately accessible with industry-leading batch automation processes. 

Avid_Home_Featured_Power.jpgPower Generation

Professionals in the power generation industry seek to adopt advanced technologies to achieve excellence in environmental stewardship by finding solutions to tighter combustion controls, while remaining true to the tasks of maximizing reliability and efficiency. At Avid Solutions, our engineers are armed with years of experience in providing high-quality solutions and process optimization to the power generation industry. 



When legacy system replacements need to go smoothly, and start-ups need to be non-events, depend on the expertise of Avid Solutions. There is no substitute for deep knowledge and experience. Your control system integrator needs to know enough about production, maintenance and chemistry to ask the right questions at the outset – and then proceed without a lot of hand holding.

Avid_Home_Featured_Pulp.jpgPulp & Paper

For many manufacturing companies, legacy control systems are becoming obsolete. This provides a need for process optimizations with new, upgraded systems, as well as providing greater compliance with environmental concerns and requirements.  We evaluate all of the options that are currently available and determine how they can save your company time and money. Upgrading to the latest technology provides a better database of information about the efficiency of your current processes.


Life Sciences

Whether it′s a greenfield project, a retrofit, or an upgrade, automation in the life sciences industry always has one eye on the clock and the other on the FDA.  At Avid Solutions, we understand that all systems need to be safe, secure, and reliable – and they also need to be implemented as swiftly as possible. We understand that the availability and purity of your products are at stake.



Count on Avid Solutions to Bridge the Gap Between Process and Controls

Exploring Value Opportunities (EVO) is our process of finding the most valuable solution to each and every problem. It’s the thoughtful consideration that Avid Solutions consistently gives its services before offering them to our clients.

Our Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) define and differentiate our company. The team at Avid is made up of analyzers, problem solvers, designers, and experts in project management.

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