When legacy system replacements need to go smoothly, and start-ups need to be non-events, depend on the expertise of Avid Solutions. There is no substitute for deep knowledge and experience. Your control system integrator needs to know enough about production, maintenance and chemistry to ask the right questions at the outset – and then proceed without a lot of hand holding.

A solutions partner should have an intimate understanding of how crucial safety is, how damaging downtime is, how the new systems work, and how important it is create a true partnership for solution generation.

We′ve walked in your shoes.

Many members of the Avid Solutions team have more than a decade of experience as employees of chemical companies. We know how plants operate. We know where the risks and dangers lie. This makes us uniquely qualified as integrators.

We are vendor neutral.

As vendor-neutral consultants, our whole expertise is in system integration, and we can recommend the hardware and software solutions that will work best for our clients chemical automation needs.

We leave nothing to chance.

When things go wrong in chemical plants, the results can be disastrous. So we don′t take any risks. We simulate and test thoroughly before implementing anything new. We always have a backup plan. After the new system is up and running, we are available at all times to provide the support that you need.

Chemical Processes:

  • Advanced Process Control
  • Batch & Continuous Processes – Emulsions, Resins, Acid Plants, Ammonia Plants, Petro-Chemical Processes
  • Boiler/Heater Burner Management
  • Boiler/Heater Combustion Controls
  • Distillation Columns
  • Plant Optimization (Tuning and Control Evaluations)
  • Remote I/O Monitoring (Wireless)
  • Tank Farms
  • Utility Controls – Air, Steam, Water, Nitrogen, Refrigeration
  • Waste Water Processing