Avid Solutions helps food and beverage manufacturers to operate with the flexibility, quality assurance, and cost-effectiveness needed to stay ahead of the competition. We make sure your information systems are integrated with the shop floor, and that recipe, order, quality, inventory, and scheduling information is accurate, timely and immediately accessible with industry-leading batch automation processes. 

The Challenge

As product mix and changes continue to increase, manufacturers must be continually adaptable, switching quickly from one product to another, while easily accommodating a variety of batch sizes. At the same time, inventories need to stay low and bullet-proof auditing data should be readily available.

The Solution

At Avid Solutions, we understand federal, state and local regulatory requirements. Our business and software solutions will help ensure that quality procedures are in place and enforced. We can make sure that product genealogies are robust and product production audit trails are rock solid and easy to produce. Product recalls and returns risks can be minimized by targeting product based on lots instead of production time periods, getting closer to the farm-to-fork traceability that is so desirable, and making suppliers accountable.

Production Performance Improvement

Our knowledge of Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), batch automation and process optimization methods and technologies can improve production performance and lead to a leaner and more efficient organization without giving up the process and quality data that stimulates improvement and forward movement.

Production Goals

Our expertise with production processes can help reduce unit costs, time to market, product changeovers, and allows the movement from a push system in building inventory to a pull system in production order fulfillment.

Legacy Equipment

Upgrading legacy equipment to meet current needs doesn′t have to be disruptive. We will measure the equipment and extract the data without moving it in order to get your new systems up to speed.

The Land of Opportunity

Our broad and deep experience enables us to see where there are opportunities for efficiency and streamlining. And, of course we keep business goals top of mind in all of our work.