Obsolescence and Modernization Program


Obsolete technology is one of those important but not urgent issues that we tend to sweep under the rug. Don’t wait till disaster hits to take action. At Avid Solutions, we partner with your team to create a robust Obsolescence and Modernization Program (OMP) that greatly reduces the stranglehold obsolescence has on your plant while accelerating your business growth model. 

Program Benefits

Envision what your business could do when you modernize your systems and technology. Avid’s OMP greatly reduces negative impact obsolescence can have on your plant and helps your plant operate effectively by offering predictability, productivity, and simplicity.

  • Use a single, continually updated, project roadmap to give you the necessary data to make optimal decisions.

  • Track current obsolescence data for up-to-date information on your existing technology.

  • Evaluate risk for various areas and technologies based on your unique needs. 

  • Track technologies, projects, and initiatives across all facilities in one central location.

  • Use a shareable and flexible web interface, accessible to key decision makers in your company.

  • See technologies and projects from plant level to line-specific views.


  • Gain accurate and trusted data on your equipment, allowing you to focus on making project decisions - instead of spending time gathering data.

  • Reduce your project risk by allowing Avid to both plan and execute obsolescence projects alongside your existing project teams


How Avid OMP Works for You

Technology Audit and Roadmap Creation
Let us create the primary audit, risk assessment, project execution roadmap, and budgetary estimate – all available on a central portal for easy access.
technology audit.png
Technology Audit Renewal
After the initial technology audit, us to regularly track obsolescence data and update the project roadmap for you, so you can focus on growing the company.
project design.png
Project Design and Installation
As industry experts in automation and information systems, we can help you execute the modernization phase with any technology you choose.


The OMP is scalable to your needs and concerns, so contact us to discuss how we can best serve you or download our brochure for more information.

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