White Paper - Your Next Automation or Information System Upgrade: Define ROI to Win Approval

Whether you work in process control or corporate engineering this manufacturing plant scenario probably looks familiar:
  • Your operations manager is constantly frustrated because his facility runs on antiquated control systems that lack the features and efficiencies of modern automation platforms.
  • Your engineering and maintenance teams struggle to implement plant improvement projects and adequately support the plant’s outdated hardware and software.
  • Your corporate engineers are tasked with supporting multiple plants, but have difficulty accommodating the disparate legacy systems in use at different sites..

Throughout this paper, we’ll explore each of these areas in detail, providing:

  • Analysis of different ROI scenarios
  • Real-world examples of the ROI benefits that automation and information systems can provide
  • A formulaic approach that you can use to calculate the quantitative ROI of a plant system upgrade 

You can download the paper here.