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We are dedicated to providing the right custom control solutions for you. By working with your team to understand your unique challenges, we provide independent, unbiased advisement and best-in-class technology solutions to meet all your industrial automation needs.


Automation Solutions 


We combine our firsthand plant floor experience with extensive process industry knowledge to solve complex systems challenges ranging from plant capacity expansion to multi-site, large-scale automation involving several thousand I/O.

Here are our automation solutions: 

• Front End Loading (FEL)

• Scope Development

• P&ID Development

• Control System Design

• Functional Requirement Specification

• Detailed Design Specification (DDS)

• Process Optimization

• Hazard and Operability Reviews  (HAZOP) 

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Industrial IT 


With the lines continuing to blur between IT and OT systems it is more critical than ever that you work with a partner who understands the unique needs of industrial networks. We have the infrastructure design expertise to solve your problems.

Here is how we can help:

• Disaster Recovery

• Network Design and Hardware Including Cabling, Switches, and Firewalls

• Network Protocols and Monitoring

• System Infrastructure such as Active Directory, DNS, Etc.

• System Redundancy Design  for Networks, Compute, and Storage



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Smart Manufacturing


Smart manufacturing is expected to be the driver of the next industrial revolution; companies that don't make the shift will quickly be left behind. While it’s clear that the evolution is imminent, it’s not as clear how to start transitioning your own business.

Here is what we can do for you: 

• Batch Strategy

• Business Intelligence

• Data Acquisition and Historization

• Interaction with External System  (ERP, LIMS, 3rd party)

• Inventory and Material Management

• Reporting and Analytics

• Situational Awareness 


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Case Studies

Parenteral Automation for Tracking Equipment

parenteral automation .jpg

See how Avid helped track equipment for drug component preparation, formulation, filling and packaging. See Full Case Study >

Enhancing Production for Aerospace Manufacturing


Avid Solutions increased plant output and developed a system that operators were comfortable using. See the Full Case Study >

Using PI tags to Help Monitor Costs         

pulp and paper pic.jpg

Creating OSI PI performance equation tags enables five mills to consolidate information and make changes in real time. See the Full Case Study >


Here are a few of the over 100 clients we have helped:

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Pepsi.png Pfizer.png International Paper.png
Heineken.png Biogen.jpg Kimberly Clark.png
MillerCoors.jpg Duke Energy.png Resolute.jpg
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