Count on Avid Solutions to Bridge the Gap Between Process and Controls

Exploring Value Opportunities (EVO) is our process of finding the most valuable solution to each and every problem. It’s the thoughtful consideration that Avid Solutions consistently gives its services before offering them to our clients.

Our Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) define and differentiate our company. The team at Avid is made up of analyzers, problem solvers, designers, and experts in project management.

With an average of more than 18 years of experience, our team brings wisdom and know-how. The majority of our employees come from an end-user environment. When we visit a plant, we understand how the process works – every time.

We help uncover hidden opportunities that add value to our services. At Avid Solutions, we are unique in that we offer a process control, engineering perspective, which is required to fill the gaps between identifying appropriate instrumentation and control algorithms in order to create desired operational improvements and produce the following benefits:

  • Increased throughput and efficiency
  • More stable operations
  • Improved responses to field upsets
  • Higher and more consistent quality
  • Improved production awareness

Of course, all of this leads to a platform for continuous improvement.