Which technology platforms are you familiar with?

As a point of differentiation, we remain current with all the latest technologies. All hardware and software products have advantages and disadvantages. For this reason, we do not believe in being locked into a particular vendor's products or services. We are vendor-neutral and our recommendations are based entirely on what works best for our client's needs and budget.

What documentation do you provide at the end of the project?

The amount of documentation varies by the project and the expected deliverables. Our common documentation includes: life cycle documents, functional specifications, detailed design specifications, FAT testing, traceability matrix, IQ, OQ, and PQ disaster recovery plans, a backup copy of code, loop sheets, electrical single-line diagrams, all software, electrical instrument drawings and instrument specifications.

How is our system tested prior to installation?

It is standard operating procedure for most projects to undergo two factory authorization tests and a final site test. We have the equipment to conduct the first test at our facility. We work with our clients during the second test to ensure that all personal preferences are honored, such as adjusting graphics, etc. Once those two tests are complete, a site acceptance test will then be completed.

What type of training is involved for clients’ employees on your system?

Depending on the system and scope, it is advisable for new users of automation controls to attend a formal class that is offered by the automation equipment supplier. Avid Solutions trains intermediate users at the factory authorization test (FAT) and at the site authorization test (SAT) through shadowing. Avid Solutions also offers on-site formal training courses with simulators, etc.

What size projects are you able to execute?

The scope of our projects ranges from smaller jobs costing a few thousand dollars to complex, multi-million dollar projects.

Do you have turn-key project capabilities?

Yes, our turn-key capabilities include:

  • Project Management
  • Installation Management
  • UL Panel Design and Fabrication
  • Electrical Design and Instrument Specification

How can you improve processes?

We suggest holding meetings with our subject matter experts (SMEs), which will result in identifying any gaps. Please read more information here about our unique process known as Exploring Value Opportunities (EVO).

What makes Avid different from any other integrator?

We have a long list of our differentiators located here. However, one of our strongest differentiators is our subject matter experts (SMEs) and their ability to Explore Value Opportunities (EVO). 

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