Smart Manufacturing management provides manufacturing companies with the tools needed to increase throughput and efficiency, decrease costs, make smart and timely decisions, ensure safety and meet customer expectations. Avid Solutions has developed exceptional capabilities in this area.

In today′s competitive market, the necessity for immediate production information is driving companies to innovate from the old paper and spreadsheet solutions towards integrated and sophisticated electronic systems. Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) and Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) solutions enable a company to combine the valuable data from the manufacturing equipment, the quality and specification data, and the materials management available from the shop floor, with strategic information from customers and vendors in order to provide a comprehensive vision.

Enhancing the value of a site specific or standalone MES/MOM program is the ability to integrate into a company’s ERP solution to provide a global approach to manufacturing intelligence.  As the middle layer between finance, the supply chain, purchasing and planning functions and production, the MES/MOM program packages the data created and recorded at the plant controls. It then communicates that data to the ERP about what products have been completed, which raw materials need to be ordered, how much scrap has been generated, how human resources have been deployed, and much more.

In many cases a targeted initial rollout that incorporates the core concepts and functionality of a solution can establish initial ROI in order to fully develop requirements and strategy, facilitating the expansion to a fully realized enterprise solution.

Avid Solutions can partner with your organization to accomplish everything from a simple proof of concept all the way to a fully realized enterprise solution.