Company Facts

  • With a staff of more than 100, we have full branch operations in Winston-Salem, N.C.,   Raleigh, N.C., Atlanta, Ga., and São Paulo, Brazil.
  • Our Deltek Vision® ERP system and proven Project Management Methodology (PMM) ensures  that we are able to manage all projects for cost, scope and schedule.
  • Turn-key project services include design, build, testing, and installation of custom UL listed control panels.
  • Avid Solutions is a certified member of the Control Systems Integrators Association (CSIA). As a part of its qualifications for membership, CSIA members are required to have the business experience, size, and financial resources to be a reliable engineering services supplier. Certified CSIA members are also required by the organization to pass an annual detailed business audit.
  • Our team is able to provide an unbiased approach to our client′s needs, because we are not a representative or distributor of any hardware or software products. Therefore, we find the best solution to fit the need, not based on any bias.
  • All engineering services in North Carolina are performed by Avid Engineering, P.A.