Avid Solutions has provided automation and information solutions for its many satisfied clients for nearly 30 years.

Harold Robinson, the founder of Avid Solutions Inc., was an instrumentation and controls expert, having learned the trade in the paper industry near his birthplace in Mobile, Alabama. Harold later worked in sales and business management, and founded Carolina Instrumentation Company (CIC) in Winston-Salem in 1987.

CIC was initially a technician services company, with a staff that installed and calibrated instruments in process industries. After a few years, clients began asking CIC to develop process control systems with PLCs. In order to meet this growing demand, Harold hired engineers, which resulted in the launch of the system integration division.

As the System Integration division grew, Harold recruited his son-in-law, PC Romano, to join the company. In 1997, PC began as an engineer and by 2000 he became the Vice President of Engineering Services. Also in 2000, CIC acquired another system integration company, Electrical Maintenance Overflow Corporation (EMOC), which doubled the size of the system integration team. At this point, the System Integration division had surpassed the size of the instrumentation business.

Avid Solutions Company Milestones

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CIC becomes Avid Solutions 

The company’s leadership decided a name change was needed, and after a company-wide competition, Avid Solutions was chosen. The name communicated the team’s energy and passion.

Sadly, in 2001, Harold suffered a heart attack and passed away unexpectedly. PC was named president of Avid Solutions. Under his new leadership, the next three years brought significant changes. Avid sold the technician services division in order to focus on system integration. Management carefully studied successful projects and client relationships, especially relating to Avid’s success in the chemical industry. Then, Avid began replicating these best practices in other industries, most notably in life sciences.

Avid Focuses on System Integration

During the past ten years, Avid Solutions has enjoyed substantial growth. From 30 employees in 2004, the number will grow to more than 100 this year. Avid has matured from a small regional company with two North Carolina offices to a growing international organization with new offices in Atlanta and São Paulo, Brazil. The company continuously hires leaders with expertise in industries including chemical, life sciences, power generation, pulp and paper, and food and beverage.

Avid Solutions anticipates a bright future with growth in automation, industrial IT, and smart manufacturing while continuing to build strong relationships with clients, community, vendors, and employees. 



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