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When things go wrong in chemical plants, the results can be disastrous. So we don′t take any risks. We simulate and test thoroughly before implementing anything new. We always have a backup plan. After the new system is up and running, we are available at all times to provide the support that you need. Read  More >

Food & Beverage

Avid Solutions helps food and beverage manufacturers to operate with the flexibility, quality assurance, and cost-effectiveness needed to stay ahead of the competition. We make sure information systems are integrated with the shop floor, and that recipe, order, quality, inventory, and scheduling information is accurate, timely and immediately accessible. Read  More >

Life Sciences

In the complex world of pharmaceutical and biotech companies, not all risks are equal. Avid Solutions works to focus on the process steps that carry the highest risks and then design solutions to minimize those risks. Read  More >

Power Generation

At Avid Solutions, our engineers are armed with years of experience in providing high-quality solutions to the power generation industry. We properly identify, quantify, and qualify enabling technologies for any system. We can also design and implement these technologies to help increase overall efficiency. Read  More >

Pulp & Paper

With Avid Solutions as a system integration partner to companies in the pulp and paper industry, we can be counted on to offer training detailing how to correctly use the new systems. We then use feedback to fine-tune those systems even further. And, we keep downtime to an absolute minimum. We will also remain on the job until the new system is working at peak performance. Read  More >