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Get Your Plant Back Online - On Time

Tips for Start-Up Success

Download this White Paper to learn how you can avoid an unsuccessful post-integration start-up by planning for schedule slips, staffing challenges, and common pitfalls long before commissioning begins. 

A Truly Batch-Ready System with a Fail-Safe Backup Plan

Configuring a equipment module layer of the system with phase functionality that can be operated automatically with batch processing, or manually by an operator.
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Industrial IoT – Current State and a Look Forward from Top Automation Leaders

On Demand Webinar
Automation experts from IBM, Schneider Electric, and Avid Solutions discuss the opportunities and challenges associated with the rise of the Internet of Things in the industrial space. In this panel-style Webinar, we’ll explore misconceptions around the Industrial IoT, the technologies making it a reality today, and what the future of IoT will bring.
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System Integration Can Improve Our Triple Bottom Line

The triple bottom line is a term that was coined in the 90’s. In a nutshell, there are three accounts to the triple bottom line (TBL) — People, Planet and Profit. The conventional wisdom is that a combination of these three components leads to a successful company that retains employees, partners and clients. Read More

A Tin Plating Study that's Worth its Weight in Gold

An outdated, underperforming electroplating system that was turned into an efficient, state-of-the-art, well-oiled machine.
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A Truly Batch-Ready System with a Fail-Safe Backup Plan

Configuring a equipment module layer of the system with phase functionality that can be operated automatically with batch processing, or manually by an operator
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Bringing a 1940’s-Era Chemical Complex Into the 21st Century Using Modular Control Systems

Avid was brough on to turn a dated facility into a moneymaker with a six-phase automation project. Responsibilities included pre-engineering, complete electrical and instrumentation design, control panel fabrication, system confi guration, checkout, and start-up.
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From Archaic to Automated - Without Missing a Batch or a Beat

Avid Solutions transforms a specialty batch chemical company's production process from manual to fully automated.
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Improved Design Simplifies Operator Interface

By reducing the amount of code needed for four new product tanks, Avid created a common HMI interface, which will reduce the amount of future programming changes.
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Improving Servo Control

High Speed Servo Control and Recipe Management in the CPG Industry
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Integrating Multiple Systems into a Single Monitoring and Control Solution

A major consumer packaging company approached Avid to install a Combined Cycle power island with more than 10 individual systems into a single window process control system to streamline both monitoring and control.
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Juggling the Coal Supply

Avid’s power generation experts worked with a combination of old and new technologies to develop a coal handling, sampling and blending system that juggles many different parameters.
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Parenteral Automation

Learn how Avid helped a major pharmaceutical company implement a control system to track equipment for drug component preparation, formulation, filling and packaging.
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Replacing an End-of-Life DCS System

A leading global paints and coatings company was experiencing issues with its distributed control system (DCS). As the system approached its end-of-life status, the client needed an integrator to perform the upgrade .
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Enhancing Production

Avid Solutions increased plant output and developed a system that operators were comfortable using.
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Controlling the Coal Flow

An improved combustion monitoring system created lower carbon emissions, a safer workplace, and substancially reduced the operator’s expenses.
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Dancing With a Density Meter

After running into a snag in the contracting details, Avid’s engineer had to step in to fine tune the controls on the new scrubber system.
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